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Ooni pizza ovens heat up in just 15 minutes to over 900˚F, which is the temperature you need to make restaurant-quality pizza – the ultimate heat for the ultimate crust! At those intense temperatures, you can cook incredible pizza at home in JUST 60 seconds.

Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven – Portable Hard Wood Pellet Pizza Oven – Ideal for Any Outdoor Kitchen

  • PERFECT PIZZA – A motto that Ooni Ovens live by – We believe that everybody deserves great pizza and our Ooni Fyra pizza oven has been designed and developed with that sole purpose in mind.
  • DONE IN 60 SECONDS – The ingenious pellet hopper automatically feeds through hardwood pellets for effortless cooking – The Ooni Fyra pizza oven will be ready to cook in 15 minutes reaching a massive 950°F (500 °C) – cooking authentic stone baked Neapolitan style pizza in just 60 seconds – Giving you more time to sit back and relax in your backyard while enjoying fantastic pizzas!
  • ENJOYED ALL OVER THE WORLD – The Ooni Fyra 12 is the proud successor of our Ooni 3 pizza oven, which was the world’s first portable pizza oven fuelled by wood pellets! Now selling our outdoor Ooni pizza ovens in over 50 countries around the world – Come and join the worldwide pizza party!
  • ULTRA PORTABLE – Weighing only 10kg and with foldable legs for easy storage and transport we have made the Ooni Fyra 12 our most portable outdoor countertop pizza oven yet – Allowing you to enjoy your perfect pizza wherever you want to take it!

Ooni 16 Koda, Silver

  • BIG: Ooni Pizza Ovens’ largest pizza maker / gas oven size, perfect for family-size 16” pizzas, meat and so much more.
  • SUPER-HOT: Reaches authentic pizza oven temperatures of up to 950°F (500°C) on a 16 inch pizza stone.
  • CONVENIENT: Just connect this gas pizza cooker to a propane tank, turn the dial and you’re cooking!
  • VERSATILE: Not just a pizza maker machine for home, but the large capacity and adjustable heat means your imagination is the limit! From pillowy loaves of bread to seared steaks or flame-cooked fish, to perfectly caramelised vegetables.
  • TRANSPORTABLE: It’s easy to reposition this gas pizza oven, with a weight of just 40.1lbs (18.2kg). Great for street parties, events, food market stalls and more.

Ooni Pro 16 Outdoor Pizza Oven, Pizza Maker, Wood-fired Pizza Oven, Gas Oven, Award Winning Pizza Oven

  • Ooni Pro 16 is our larger portable oven and is one of the most innovative cooking gadgets in outdoor cooking
  • Our outdoor pizza ovens are the perfect edition to your outdoor kitchen – cooking delicious pizza in just 60 seconds
  • Fast and Flexible: Heats up to 950°F in just 20 minutes and runs on wood, charcoal, pellets and gas**
  • Versatile: Ooni Pro 16 is perfect for cooking 16” pizzas as well as roasting meat, fish and vegetable dishes in minutes
  • High heats: the insulated steel body and stone baking board mean optimum heat retention

Ooni Sizzler Pan

  • The Ooni Cast Iron Sizzler Pan is made from 100% premium cast iron.
  • With a 9.8 x 5.1 inch cooking surface, the Ooni Cast Iron Sizzler pan is the perfect all-purpose pan for your Ooni pizza oven!
  • The unique handle design is removable and comfortable to use, making it easy to get sizzling hot food straight from your oven to the table.
  • The sleek Nordic design allows you to move the pan in and out of your Ooni with ease.

Ooni Gas Burner

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • The Ooni Gas Burner for Ooni 3 or Ooni Karu attaches right onto the back of Ooni pizza oven.
  • Providing a convenient and easy option to power your pizza oven with gas.
  • Offering the same incredible speed and high heat as using wood pellets.
  • The heat control knob means effortlessly cooking at a range of temperatures.

Ooni Pizza Ovens Reviews & Buying Guide

Ooni Pizza Ovens Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

There’s a whole forum on Reddit dedicated to posting photos of pizzas cooked in Ooni pizza ovens. It’s very cool (and mouthwatering) to see customer’s at-home results. Comments alongside the photos include, absolutely love this thingloving my new oven”, and beyond impressed” 

On Amazon, the Ooni Pro gets 71% 5-star reviews, 15% 4-star, 8% 3-star, 0% 2-star, and 7% 1-star. One customer writes, “easy to put together and simple to use. I’m a novice cook but love pizza. I was genuinely shocked to find I could make fresh pizza that tasted so good (self praise is no praise!). Really love this oven.” 

Some photos describe technical issues, but more so concerns regarding the right way to cook and not with the oven itself, aside from one review claiming they couldn’t get “the edges not to burn.” 

Ooni has 4/5 stars on Trustpilot, one customer wrote, “great company, great products and great customer service! I love the oven and a recent exchange with the Customer Services team reminded me what great customer service was – they nailed it!”

Are Ooni Pizza Ovens Worth It?

Although some customers report longer than usual shipping times, there are a ton that praise the brand for it’s fast, reliable and easy service. Their customer service is on point, and there is no denying their pizza ovens do an incredible job, for a more affordable price. 

Are they worth it? If you’re a pizza lover, yes. You can see it in customer’s results in their Ooni pizza ovens that they create traditional, delicious pizzas. They’re less expensive than other at-home pizza ovens and all of their models are portable.

You can also use Ooni pizza ovens to cook other BBQ dishes, so it could be an all-in-one option depending on your needs and preferences. All items have an Ooni warranty, free for 3 years

Ooni Promotions & Discounts

  • This Ooni pizza ovens review has found that there are no current promotions. However, if you sign up for their newsletter they’ll send you exclusive Ooni discount codes or promo codes for their products when available. 

Where to Buy Ooni Pizza Ovens

Ooni pizza ovens are available for purchase directly from Ooni.com. You can also find the ovens at Cooks Store, Amazon, Wayfair, Nella Online, Williams Sonoma, Luxe BBQ, Dickson BBQ, Friendly Fires, MEC, and even Bloomingdales and a ton of other BBQ stores or use their Dealer Locator tool located on the website.

Ooni pizza ovens are available for purchase directly from Ooni.com. You can also find the ovens at Cooks Store, Amazon, Wayfair, Nella Online, Williams Sonoma, Luxe BBQ, Dickson BBQ, Friendly Fires, MEC, and even Bloomingdales and a ton of other BBQ stores or use their Dealer Locator tool located on the website.

Ooni Pizza Ovens FAQ

Can you use Ooni pizza ovens indoors?

All Ooni pizza ovens are designed for outdoor use only. You should never use the ovens inside a building or garage. Make sure to always read the included manual. 

What temperature do Ooni ovens heat to?

Ooni ovens reach up to 950°F (510°C), with some ovens reaching this temperature in as little as 15 minutes. 

Can you cook frozen pizza in Ooni?

Yes, you can cook frozen pizza in an Ooni oven. But it’s important to make sure that the pizza is defrosted completely for a thorough cook. Also, be sure to select a pizza that’s the right size for your Ooni.

How do you make Ooni pizza? 

Ooni offers step-by-step guides for how to cook great pizza. Check out these Ooni recipes:

  • Ooni Pizza Dough Recipe
  • Ooni Pizza Sauce Recipe 

What else can you cook in Ooni? 

You can cook quite a few different things in your Ooni. Meat, fish, and other BBQ items, like vegetables and lobster, are all cookable options. For more information or recipe inspiration, visit their website.

What is Ooni’s Shipping Policy?

Ooni offers free shipping on orders over $35 to the lower 48 US states (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). If you place your order before 2 pm PST, your order will be shipped out the same day. Depending on your location, you’ll receive your order within 1-5 business days if the item is in-stock. If it’s not in-stock, the order can take 8-12 weeks to ship. 

For Ooni international shipping to Canada, please see options at checkout in terms of price and delivery time. For orders in the UKOoni offers free shipping over £25. If your order is placed before 10 am, they will ship it out the same day and will arrive within 3 business days (if the item is in-stock). If it’s not in-stock, Ooni delivery time can take approximately 8-12 weeks.

For Ooni orders in Europe, they offer free shipping on orders over €99. Orders will ship the same day if placed before 11 am if your order is in stock. See below for approximate delivery times:

  • Next day: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg
  • 2 days: France, Monaco, Denmark
  • 3 days: Ireland, Poland, Slovenia, Italy (except islands), Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Spain (except islands), Sweden, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia
  • 4+ days: All other countries.

What is Ooni’s Return Policy?

If you purchase an Ooni pizza oven and it doesn’t produce the quality of pizza you’re dreaming of (even though the brand guarantees it will), you have 60 days to return the oven for free. This holds true for both used, and unused, products. 

Follow these steps to start a return:

  1. Head over to Ooni troubleshooting at support.ooni.com
  2. Click on ‘Contact Us’
  3. Answer the questions accordingly
  4. Create a ticket
  5. Include your original order number, the condition of your item, the number of parcels you wish to return, plus their dimensions (can be found on their website, or in the guide they sell), and the reason for your return
  6. Ooni customer support will get back to you with steps on what to do next. 

Ooni occasionally offers partial returns on items that are not in original condition, have been damaged, or are returned after the 60 day period.